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Jensen Villa Amherst Island

The villa here is a future project, but if you can camp or park on an unimproved lot (carry in, carry out) and like the idea of Lake Ontario waterfront, spend some time here at our latest acquisition.  This is one of the most generous sized campsites you will likely find anywhere, and is only available by appointment to responsible campers who respect nature and the neighbours.  The site is called called Barry Point and has privacy and peace without being remote.  Situated on Amherst Island you are a short ferry ride away from the hustle and bustle, and only 15 minutes to Kingston when you disembark. No need to choose between urban and rural activities on your holidays: you can experience both in the same day.

The beach is fresh water, clean, pebbly, shallow and sheltered from the full brunt of the lake.  Swim, fish or sail, or just explore the shoreline. Divers could locate the sunken wreck just off the point.  And imagine settling down by an evening campfire as the sun sets and listening to the gentle splashing of water on the rocks.  Add refreshments and good conversation.  What could be better?

Have you ever travelled to some Caribbean holiday destination influenced by the sublime pictures in the brochure, only to find the rest of the island dreary, noisy, intrusive, or maybe even downright dangerous?  Amherst Island is not like that.  Here you will discover true civilization in the very best sense.  Uncrowded, unhurried, friendly, easy going, lending a hand when needed, minding their own business when not.  You might find yourself watching sheep grazing on the neighbour's farm for a bit, or bump into someone you recognize. This is a special place for birds and wildlife, and perfect for exploring on foot or bicycle.  

With luck or special planning , you might just be able to take in a concert at one of the churches, or maybe even at an Islander's private house.  Very well known musicians (Quartetto Gelato were here in 2008) seem to find their way across the ferry at regular intervals.   There is even a local FM station in a barn that you could no doubt visit.  Who knows, you might be "discovered".  Fancy some art or crafts?  There are a number of home galleries and custom artisans offering diverse wares from no itch wool socks to wrought iron furniture.

This is a very unique location, guaranteed to add years to your life. One word of caution though.  This island is very addictive.

$50 per night/family/quiet guests only please.
Advance reservation required because of limited availability. (613) 876-8513 or keld@kos.net


This boat is also available for skippered daytime excursions.



You Tube video of the boat 



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